Spicy Turkey Ragu

By | February 18, 2013

If you read Bon Appetit and follow their social media accounts, you’ve probably seen them advertise the Cook the Cover contest.

After seeing the delicious pasta recipe featured on the February issue, I knew I had to give the spicy rigatoni ragu a try.

The recipe is fairly straightforward, but let me just warn you: total cook and prep time is more than 4.5 hours!

Of course, I didn’t read the whole recipe before starting and only realized my mistake 30 minutes into cooking … needless to say I was more than hungry when I finally dug in.

To health-ify the dish, I substituted ground turkey / chicken sausage for the pork and also used whole wheat rigatoni. To give the sauce more kick, I added a healthy amount of paprika and cayenne pepper.

The four-hour cook time was ultimately worth it, as the finished sauce is beautifully meaty and savory. It’s not too thick, so it coats and fills the tubular pasta without overwhelming it. I consider this the ultimate comfort food.

Overall, hands-on time is minimal, so this pasta dish is perfect for cooking on a lazy weekend. Even better, you can reheat the sauce and have leftovers for the week!

And if you do make this dish, don’t forget to send your Cook the Cover contest photo to askba@bonappetit.com, and you could be featured on the magazine’s Facebook page and blog!

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